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Can Parents Who Have ADHD Homeschool Their Children?

When I visit homeschool blogs, I see parents who have it all together.  Some have great tips for how to fill out a planner. Those parents have confidence that once the planner is filled, it’s going to be fairly accurate … Continue reading

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Can I Homeschool My Child Who Has ADHD?

Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) present a special challenge to new homeschooling parents. The differences between a child with ADHD and a child without lead to very different learning styles which require unique teaching techniques. However, homeschooling comes … Continue reading

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The Easy Change That Made Sonlight Work for My Son with ADHD

My son has always been one of those boys who simply can't sit still. I mean more than average activity; I mean he is constantly moving! Thus, his diagnosis of ADHD wasn't a huge surprise to me. Official label or … Continue reading

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