Surviving Gloomy Days

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Uff da. It's January.

We were home for the holidays when we typically visit family in Florida. That meant by about a week in I was going, "What? It's only the 3rd? It's snowy and cold! I want to be somewhere warm." ...I guess I'm not a huge one for winter.

We've been hunkered down, doing school, and sorting through life. I love to be outside, so I'm a bit lax on my household chores during the summer. Instead of fall cleaning, I wait for midwinter. It's too cold and gray to be out, so, time to organize the basement!

To fight the blues, it's really helped us to hold to a pretty strict (for us) schedule. It sets the pattern for our days. No matter how fast I work, I can't seem to get my own stuff done before 10. Between breakfast, laundry, cleaning up dishes, feeding the baby and generally picking up ... every morning is filled with a few hours of scrambling. I've taken a page from my mom's book and am trying to get my stuff done, and then do snack, and then start school. It's been good. It's allowed me to get back on track with my daughter's Bible study work and means the kids know the pattern of the morning. It also means my kitchen is clean for the day, which is really nice.

My husband and I have also been doing a diet reset, the Whole30, which is pretty time consuming cooking-wise. I've made a lot of really yummy food, and spent hours in the kitchen. This has been a new habit and I'm not sure if I'm excited for it to continue or if I'll be ready to change it up come January 31. I will say, it definitely keeps me on my toes and focused on something other than gloomy days. If you are needing a pick-me-up, maybe try a diet reset ... pretty brutal, but definitely distracting!

One of my dishes

So, that's where I am. Fighting the darkness of winter with business, cooking, cleaning, school. For someone like me who is much more free form during the summer, this works well. By the end of the day, I'm proud of what all I've done and I hardly notice it's dark at 5:15 (thankfully that's moving steadily later).

Excited to join you on the 22nd for Inspire 25! If you haven't signed up yet, you should join us!

Until next time,

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