Studious and Observant

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Pop quiz: What did I change on this blog yesterday?

...besides the post and the new Other Posts of Note.

Did you notice?

If you use an RSS reader, you are mostly off the hook--you're still docked half a point for not coming by to comment. ...Wait... eh... that post wasn't that worthy of comments, so you're only docked a quarter point <smile>. Moving on...

I like to fancy myself as observant.

Yet when we were on car trips my younger sister would always be the one to say, "Oh, look! A deer!"

I would peer out the window and see nothing but rocks and trees. My mother would say, "How very observant, Jonelle!" And I, being the very supportive older brother that I am, would sulk.

Then there are those "How good of a detective are you?" pictures. You know, those ones with a bunch of stuff strewn around a room. They let you look at it for a whole minute and then you have to turn it over and answer questions like:

  • Were the drapes polka dotted or striped?
  • How much change was on the desk?
  • When did the old man leave the room?
  • What were the exact words of the six page essay next to the computer?

Yep. Failed those too.

Using my incredible powers of deduction: I'm not very observant. Oh well, I have other skills, and I am so glad that my parents encouraged me in those and still do to this day. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of using those against each other, we should encourage these different bents and abilities to build one another up.

That's why one of my pet peeves is "boys vs. girls" events. Boys and girls are different. We don't need to drive a wedge further between the genders. Rather, we should start teaching children early on how to bless each other with these differences.

So what did I change?


I added a button so you can email me (right click and select "Copy Email Address" if needed).

It has come to my attention that sometimes my words are less than perfect and you may take issue with how I turn a phrase or something I talk about. Most of you feel comfortable enough to leave a comment, but if you aren't, please email me. I do not want anyone to feel hurt, or belittled, or offended, or... anything negative, and not have a way to let me know.

Please, please email me if I have bothered you and you don't want to leave a comment. I want to make it right. And if my first six responses don't satisfy you, send me another. I don't want to be on your "bad list" because we didn't work something out.

Thank you.

Again, I'm not very observant, so it's taken me a while to realize I needed to add this option. And I apologize.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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