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I have been able to take on some new responsibilities here at Sonlight. I'm now involved with fixing the website and running some of the emails (such as the Beam). These systems can be really confusing--and rather finicky too--so after a few hours of wrestling today, I still can't get the emails to work.

And that's frustrating.

Granted, there is a learning curve to things. And sometimes that curve is rather steep.

Every once in a while something completely bogs me down. trying to get the system to include the {firstname} string in an email greeting.

It's those little things that just don't seem to be clicking that bring everything to a halt; things like figuring out dinner plans, finding the motivation to mow the lawn, and getting to bed on time. Homeschooling adds another layer of complexity where things can get gummed up: clashing learning styles, stubborn children, or elements of your curriculum that just aren't working.

Those days are killer.

My mom would always tell me not to allow myself to get bogged down.

Such an admonition rarely helped. Instead, I would just sit there and beat my head--mostly metaphorically--against the assignment. I wouldn't take a break as she suggested. No. I needed to figure this out. I needed to get it done.

The best practice when you're bogged down is, not surprisingly, to take a break for a bit. After awhile, come back and reevaluate the situation and your options. Perhaps it's time to try a new math program (I switched when I hit Algebra because the program I was using bored me to the point of apathy). Maybe you need to switch to another level of reading (to find something your children really enjoy). Perhaps this book just isn't right for your family (there are many more books out there <smile>).

And homeschooling is flexible enough to let you just stop for a day and sit in the grass, play in the snow, or experience the beauty of watching your children mature. There's no need to stay stuck in the bog of frustration.

Instead, treasure that time. Consider it a blessing that you have the opportunity to get bogged down and do something positive instead.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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