Inaugurated Eschatology

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...and transworld depravity.

As our next President begins his first term today, I am brought back to my college Bible classes. One of those "two dollar phrases" we learned was Inaugurated Eschatology: The Kingdom of God is here, but not yet. It has started to impact the world, but it has not been completely realized.

The other phrase was "transworld depravity"--the idea that every possible world would eventually succumb to evil--which has very little to do with today's topic.

"Transubstantiation" is also a fun one to throw around. ...moving on:

Has history been made today? Has the world changed?

Yes... and no. Each day is a new day; another opportunity to grow, learn, and impact others for good. On the other hand, the sun also rises. Yes, there has been change. And the change is distinct from other days. But every day brings about change. And yet the world is somewhat constant.

Which is why there will still be problems tomorrow when I get up.

And there will still be problem four years from now. Some issues may have been cleared up, and others will likely have been added. And even though President Obama is no messiah, he does share a commonality with Christ: He has been inaugurated and so he has begun his role.

But the world still has pain and suffering. Problems abound. And I will admit to more than a little frustration with the state of our depraved world of which I am a part. It really bothers me that I am not perfect--more because of the grief it causes me than any remorse I have at my condition, which further signifies my depravity <smile>--and I struggle to deal with the imperfect people in my life. Why can't it just all be better? Why hasn't the world been completely changed for good?

Because we're still in process. I am. You are. And so are your monsters angels children. We have yet to become who we are supposed to be.

And so, as you consider the historical inauguration today, remember that tomorrow has equal opportunity to bring about change for the future as you interact with those around you, whether they are exhibiting signs of transworld depravity or an inaugurated eschatology.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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