Spring Cleaning

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All the fantastic changes coming your way have necessitated a huge overhaul of the website. This calls for simplifying. You will find a much more focused website come April 4.

Few web updates give me more pleasure than deleting an unnecessary category or page. If I can get you the information you're looking for in two clicks instead of three... well, I'm pleased as punch. If something has been causing you grief for a year--or six--it's time to try to resolve it. We won't fix everything. We'll likely create new issues. But the trend, I believe, is upward. I'm super-excited about the cleaner, happier, more helpful site that's coming.

Of course, we've got a lot of spring cleaning to do. You prayers are still very much appreciated!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

If you hadn't heard yet: You can now see and download a digital copy of Sonlight's Catalog online. But remember: Until we get everything cleaned up and turned on come April, the links inside won't work properly. Bear with us. Thank you!

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