Sonlighters Appreciate a Nuanced View

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If there is one extreme of the postmodern who feeds on doubt and uncertainty, and the other extreme of the modern who offers absolute assurance, I feel like Sonlighters are in the middle, at least in some things, saying, “I have done some research, and thought about this, and I think X. At least until you persuade me otherwise. And you might! And that’s okay!”

Thus, not wallowing in doubt, but not dogmatically asserting one’s correctness, either.

Or, as my sister said, she wants to have the ability to hear more than one side, to be respectful of others’ opinions, while not losing her own beliefs.

For things that she has assurance about—like the resurrection of Christ—she teaches her children with conviction.

For things that she is not fully persuaded about—say, the age of the Earth—she teaches multiple perspectives and allows room for further research and information.

That’s what we mean by education, not indoctrination.

I saw one Sonlighter mention recently that she loved her children’s reading in Sonlight E, that they had the perspective of both sides of the Civil War. I remember that, too—how interesting to hear the other side.

I am thrilled that Sonlighters appreciate hearing multiple voices, and learning about peoples and places around the world. It is exciting to learn new things, and I’m grateful we have that opportunity.

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