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Bookshelf 438x617Jonelle's blog post from earlier this week made me stop and think what Sonlight means to me. I enjoyed reading her comments, and wondered how mine might differ. Sonlight has certainly been a large part of my life for the past 16+ years!

Sonlight began as an answer to a desire to homeschool our children. It provided the very approach I was looking for ... a non-textbook, literature-based resource for educating our students.

Sonlight is countless hours of reading together as a family. Over and over again we traveled outside of our living room walls to time periods and locations far, far away. As our bookshelves filled with more and more titles, our imaginations filled with amazing characters and adventures.

Sonlight is the vehicle by which our children were introduced to challenging topics. Even as young children we tackled difficult subjects around our dining room table, and then marveled as God gave them opportunities to share their beliefs with others in an understanding and grace-filled fashion. They learned to converse, and not just declare judgment on those around them.

Sonlight is the amazing opportunity I have had to meet and encourage young parents on convention floors for over 15 years. Year after year of sharing tears and rejoicing in victories with moms and dads who are committed to the homeschool journey has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever enjoyed.

Sonlight is the privilege of working together with an amazing group of folks who are committed to helping parents raise winsome ambassadors for Christ who love to discover and learn.

What is Sonlight to you?

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk
Sonlight Customer Champion


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