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My local movie theater has a new rewards program. It boasts free concession upgrades, money-back deals and waived fees. Cool. Until I learned that it cost $12 a year.

Let me think... I don't go out to see a movie more than once or so a year. I never get popcorn. And I don't purchase tickets online because of the fees. This program is not for me.

My cinema's "rewards" is rather the opposite of Sonlight's Rewards Program. Some highlights:

  • You don't have to apply.
  • You can start using the program immediately.
  • Your Points last for 30 months. Use them on your time frame.
  • Sonlight Rewards benefit you and your friend.
  • Sonlight continues to serve more homeschool families because you shared the joy of homeschooling.


You earn points when someone brand new to Sonlight--who includes your Rewards ID--orders more than $50. Your friend gets $5 off that order. You get a discount on your order when you decide to redeem your Points.

Share your love of homeschooling with your friends to earn points and save them money. Get started with Sonlight® Rewards Program now.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Have a blog or website? Sign in and swing by the Widgets page for even more Sonlight® Rewards tools.

P.P.S. How has Sonlight® Rewards worked for you?

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