Sonlight Packages are a Better Deal

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You will often save money by purchasing a package from Sonlight. Getting only the books you need somewhere else isn't worth the hassle. We've written articles about this. But it's better when someone confirms it for you: Rebecca Moehrings assembled a P3/4 package and blogged about her experience.

Short version: She paid $6 more for fewer books. Also, if she had purchased the program from Sonlight, she would have been covered by our one-year Love to Learn Guarantee and received the other Core Benefits.

I realize there are cases when you can find everything for less. That does happen. And if you do, please jump at the opportunity to score a bundle of books and resources for pennies on the dollar! But if you're thinking about trying to piece a Core together from here and there, please heed this reminder: Sonlight's curriculum packages are likely a better deal.

Get more materials, more benefits, better service, for less money, in less time, with fewer frustrations by ordering your homeschool curriculum directly from Sonlight.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Don't forget: You can also spread the cost of your curriculum purchase over 3-, 6-, or even 9-months for no additional charge! Check out Sonlight's Time Payment options to learn more.

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