Why Sonlight Presents Multiple Views on the Origins of the Earth

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You know that Sonlight presents history from more than one point of view. We believe this is the most accurate and helpful way to study the subject. You know that Sonlight students study different religions. We believe this best equips children to be loving ambassadors for Christ.

Sonlight also presents various views on the origins of the earth. I know this makes some homeschoolers squirm. But I believe this approach is another helpful component of preparing students to be loving ambassadors for Christ.

All Christians believe that God created the world. I believe that is a non-negotiable. But Christians differ in how they believe God created the world. We all believe the Bible is true, but we differ in how we interpret it. I believe our children need to be aware of this reality.

That's why Sonlight chooses to present more than one view about the origins of the earth. We present the leading Christian views (including young-earth and old-earth interpretations) in order to help your children understand and respect what others think. Of course, not all of these views can be true.

So, our approach also helps you teach your children what you believe. When we use a Science book that presents a certain view on the origins of the earth, we provide parent notes to offer counter-arguments to the book's claims. We give parents tools to say: "This is what I believe to be true, and here are some reasons I believe that. But some other people think this, and here's why." I believe that is just a part of good education.

But aren't some of our Science materials written from the perspective of atheistic evolution? Yes, they are. But we often skip the pages in the books that assume an atheistic, old-earth, macro-evolution story. Sometimes we include those pages and provide counter-arguments in the parent notes.

I agree with Luke that it is dangerous to ignore the topic of evolution with your children. If your children go to college they will likely hear a professor teach about how the earth is billions of years old. I don't want that to be the first time they've heard a serious presentation of an old-earth view. I don't want them to think that they must choose between being a Christian and believing in an old earth. I also don't want them to blindly accept the professor's teaching without knowing the reasons why many believe the earth is young.

Sonlight teaches students to think critically. We engage students and help them learn to wrestle through hard topics and sort through the evidence. They come to understand what they believe and why. They learn to dialogue respectfully with people who believe otherwise. I believe this best equips students to serve Christ in the world.

I believe this is education at its finest. What do you think?


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