Comfy Pants and Conformity

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...or, how homeschooling works in suits or sleepwear.

My friends are shocked when they arrive at my home and I'm still wearing jeans. My usual household fare is "comfy pants" -- soft shorts or sweats or pj bottoms -- pretty much anything my wife would urge me not to wear outside. I just don't see the point of chillaxin about my abode in anything not maximally comfortable.

But I always dress up for church (khakis and a button-up shirt). I typically wear a polo and jeans to work. I shower regularly.

And I grew up homeschooling in my pajamas.

My friend Mrs. C shared about how jammies are the up and coming problem in the homeschooling community. The dozens of comments on the original post are divided. On one side, there are people like me: Dress for the occasion, and the beautiful, flexible, enjoyable part of learning at home is best reflected in comfy sleepwear. On the other side, there are people who find it disrespectful and deleterious to learning to not show up each day in a suit; learning is too valuable to hinder by winging it after rolling out of bed.

Which Kind of Homeschooler are You?

If you're "not human" until after you've showered, had coffee, completed a workout, and had a quiet time with the Lord, do it. Dress to the nines and be productive and focused throughout your day.

But I don't have any trouble focusing in comfy pants. In fact, I've been writing and producing videos for years in the most relaxed wear I own. And while I appreciate a shower to help me wake up, I wrote a first draft of a book directly after rolling out of a bed and being blasted by my computer screen's searing blaze on my sleepy eyes. From what I've read, it's more about mindset and habituation than the formality of the fabric covering my legs.

Come over to my house some time. And while we sit around and chat, you can tell me if you think I'm

a) shirking responsibility
b) lazy and not really doing anything
c) just plain weird

Sitting there in my comfy pants, I'll give you a hint: "c" is the correct answer. Homeschoolers are strange. But I was also strange in college. And if you ask me, any guy who can show up to class in a bathrobe and graduate magna cum laude may be really odd, but his choice of clothes aren't hindering his education.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

P.S. I went to college in California, so it was too hot to go to class in sweats and a bathrobe most days. I tended to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

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