Sonlight Frenzy

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After much schedule arranging and profuse pleading from the short people who live in my house, we finally found an afternoon to open the coveted box sitting on our living room floor...





I attempted to get some good pictures, really I did, but there was much frenzied activity!  Protective paper was flying every where, books were being admired and soon I, too, was mesmerized by the treasure in the box!

We carefully went through every thing we ordered talking about all the great books we couldn't wait to read.  I carefully stacked them all back into the box and had my husband carry them downstairs for safe keeping.  Yesterday I found Isaac (12) half way through one of his science books!  He was excitedly telling me some amazing facts about tornadoes.  I began to tell him that he needed to put the book back downstairs, because it was for next year and he hadn't completely finished core 5 yet.  Then I thought better of it.  Why stop him.  He's learning and enjoying it.  And in the process he is teaching me and his younger brothers when he shares what he has read. 

Thanks Sonlight it looks like another awesome year of learning is ahead of us!

Jenn B.

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