Sonlight Box Day 09

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Today was our first official Box Day!

Granted, I was the delivery man and left the box on the front porch while the girls were still napping. But the box was there when we opened the door:

Sonlight Box

"What's on the porch?" my wife asked.

"My shoes?"



Umm... no, child. Do you see the giant box that looks like it is full of wonderful things? No? Well, we'll bring it in anyway.

Bringing in the Sonlight Box

Opening the box is moderately interesting. Well, mildly interesting. But after you're told that you can't play with the scissors, all interest in the box vanishes. I'd rather go play with the lamp and my pine cone.

Opening the Sonlight Box

I'd Rather Be Playing


At least we have one "reader" who is willing to hold one of the books... even if it is upside-down.

A Future Reader?

Once the toys come out, I guess I can be bothered to rejoin the group.

It's Not All Work

I must say, I was surprised by how heavy the box was, even though what we got was one of the smallest packages Sonlight offers. I couldn't even fit everything onto our decently sized coffee table.

Sonlight Newcomer P3/4

Will the girls come 'round and decide that they really are interested in all these books?

Only time will tell.

Kids have a way of dashing your fantasies. After reading all the amazing Box Day Stories, I was really hoping there'd be some glee and rejoicing. There wasn't. And the weather's been rather dreary all day, so I didn't even have good lighting. That's why my pictures aren't that shiny and nice.


How am I supposed to be the poster-child for a product when my experience isn't very poster-worthy?

...uh-oh... I hear some cries of distress from upstairs. Time to give the wife some backup.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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