Sonlight and the Common Core State Standards

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Many organizations, companies, and curriculum providers are working to align themselves with the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Sonlight is not. Why is Sonlight not seeking to conform to the new Common Core?

First, Sonlighters already succeed. The Common Core is the latest attempt by policy makers to encourage schools to help students achieve. Sonlight students already do amazingly well academically. Sonlighers aren't failing. Many schools are. If politicians can find a way to help more students, that's great. But with over 20 years of success inspiring students--and parents--to love to learn, it would be foolish for Sonlight to change.

Second, Sonlight does things differently. Our revolutionary, literature-based approach--now embraced by many homeschool providers inspired by our success--doesn't exactly mirror most school material. Of course, outside of a fully embraced "Common Core," no two schools--or classrooms--are going to be completely in sync. So that's not really a problem. Far more importantly, Sonlight's focus is different. We take a global perspective from a unique educational philosophy.

Third, we're here to help you. We are aware of what's going on in the wider educational world, but our focus is on helping you. That's why we offer free access to Advisors, a year-long guarantee, and continually update our Instructor's Guides. Tweaking our curriculum to fall in step with what others are doing doesn't do much to help you teach your children. Such initiatives may help the government better direct schools, but the Common Core won't help you teach your children to read, learn math, or understand history. We'd rather focus on creating tools that assist your family's homeschool journey.

Sonlight is not adjusting our homeschool curriculum to align with the new Common Core.

Since Sonlight is not accredited, we are not bound to the "Common Core" standards (you can read more about accreditation here). We regularly update our programs to ensure you have tools to give your children an excellent education. But rather than follow the latest fads and hype about educational theory, we tend to stick to what we know works: Great books, lots of tools in your Instructor's Guide, and a focus on developing a life-long love of learning. Sonlight pioneered the literature-rich approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. And we're not changing that.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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