"Solve that again, Sam."

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With apologies to Casablanca, which, turns out, deserves more apologies...

We get web corrections from customers as they find things that aren't right on our site. It is often my job to then go make the needed change. Of course, sometimes we get corrections for things that aren't wrong, but it can take a while to sort all that out.

For instance, today I was alerted to the fact that one of our Placement Tests had the wrong answer to a math problem and the vendor's site has the correct answers. I went looking for an updated copy of the test on the vendor's site, only to realize that we merely linked to it... so "our" document and the vendor's document is one and the same. This led me on a search for where the customer could have found a different document. Coming up with nothing, I went back to the original problem and checked the math myself.

If my calculations are correct--and let's hope that they are--then the answer key is right.

As confusing as such things can be, I do learn new details about our site, get to brush up on my math skills, and try to figure out what someone is talking about. So the next time your child asks, "When would I ever need to know this, mom?" Tell them: When you're double checking the answer for a textbook on a website of the organization that employs you.

That should end all complaints. <ha!>

Don't forget to phone your father and hug your hubby this weekend.

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers and those of you working on becoming one.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Expectant Father

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