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Every now and again I see something that sticks with me and leaves a lasting impression. I had one of those experiences last weekend. I was at a homeschool convention, enjoying the worship session at the beginning of the day. We enjoyed the awesome sounds of a homeschool family that had more talent than I knew existed in one household. Dad, Mom, and four kids (ages 7-16) ... singing, playing flute, bass, percussion, keyboard ... and the harmony was perfect. In the midst of the worship experience, I noticed something that perhaps no one else saw. Every one of those kids had their eyes focused on their dad. He led their music without saying a word. He never had to stop to get anyone's attention ... never had to wave or shout or give any direction. Each child regularly looked to their dad for the "next thing". They didn't question or disagree ... right down to the youngest member of the group they simply watched dad.

Each time we met together for worship, I watched this scenario play out. And while the worship music spoke to my heart, the lasting impression was that of the trust the kids had in their dad. They believed he would always be there to give them direction ... and he was. Might I always keep my eyes on my Father ... always believing He will be there to give me direction. (Ps 25:2)


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