Shh... It's Coming!

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...but don't get too excited: We aren't even close to release.

If you have been following one of my other blogs, you would know that we've been working on MathTacular4 for a while now. But it has been on hold for a few months while I work on other projects.

Well, today it is off the back burner. I've got a lot to do: Edit text, add images, re-shoot a clip, and film another scene and some elements.

And I thought I was busy before <smile>.

In case you missed those posts about filming, I'll re-post a couple images here:

Me Thinking

The Importance of Mirth

Want to read more about our adventures in filming for MathTacular4? Hop over to my media production blog and read all about it (last post of December 2007 and on).

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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