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There are two really cool changes to that are in review right now and will go live shortly. I spent a considerable amount of time on one of them today.

But I can't show you because it's not on the site yet.

Do you ever experience something like that? Your student has been working really hard on something and it's almost done... but not quite enough to show the world. Your son/daughter has been running/swimming faster than ever before... but there hasn't been a meet to get an official time yet. You're getting toward the end of your favorite book... but there's still a couple chapters to go.

In some ways, having to wait makes it even more exciting than if I could just blurt it out. And that was much of the fun surrounding the catalog release.

Sometimes I feel like I need to keep you in suspense because I have to wait to share.

I had never realized that I feel an equal amount of excitement waiting to reveal something that others haven't seen yet. And I think I'm getting a glimpse into my wife's strong desire to tell me what she bought me for my birthday or Christmas.

Never understood that before today.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Heather the Mama Duk

    This is a really unfair post lol

  2. homeschoolmom

    can't wait to find out what changes you're talking about!

  3. Mrs. C

    TWO changes... do we each get three guesses for each change? And will you tell us if we're right?

    Ok, here's mine:

    You're going to make a file in the forums for Core 1, 2, 3 and etc. and file homeschoolers' useful ideas under each one. Maybe link to their blogs with pictures. And another folder for art and home ec. so I can see how everyone else makes cake maps. You will also be able to click on Ms. Sarita's newsletter in the sidebar somewhere. You will also be able to donate to poor homeschool families' Sonlight stuff during checkout, and Sonlight will match it. There will be simple games for children online that are connected to the cores they are stufying. You will keep the "bug" on the side because it's so cute and is my favourite feature of the site.

    Did I win anything????

    Another guess:

    The website will automatically play loud music and the little turn-off switch will be hard to find. I'm going to tell you ahead of time that I don't like this change. (Hey, I'm honest that way.)

  4. Luke

    Heather, I know. I felt the same way. <empathizes>

    Stephanie, I can't wait to tell you! <smile>

    Mrs. C, you crack me up! Oh my, I'm laughing so hard <laughing>.

    1. We already have a forum full of great suggestions.

    2. We already have forums for both Cores 1+2 and 3+4.

    3. If you need art help... you could try here or here.

    4. I love the idea of getting Sarita's word out there more... I'll keep that in mind <smile>.

    5. Thinking about something kinda like that...

    6. My wife would love it if we started making some games. That is not in the works for now. Sorry.

    7. The bug stays. I love him too!

    Did you win anything? Yes! A big <SMILE> from me <smile>.

    As for number 8, I don't like that change either and so will likely refrain <smile>.


  5. Amy Bayliss

    You make me so anxious with these cliff hangers. I must know! :)

  6. Luke

    I'm glad you got excited too, Amy <smile>. They're coming...