School Year in Review

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Yesterday I was putting the finishing touches on the final reports I needed to send to my school district. Included in those reports were the results of my students' assessment tests. We happen to use Iowa tests ... but have tried various assessments in the many years we've homeschooled.

As I compared the test results with those from previous years, I once again noted a pattern of strengths and weaknesses for each of my kids. It's always good to keep current with areas that my kids excel in and areas where they struggle. I find this especially helpful as I plan for the coming school year. Test results are often part of my decision making process when I purchase curriculum materials.

I also enjoyed looking back over material studied, books read, and projects completed. I allowed myself a few moments of proud reflection as I noted areas where my kids did very well. I also struggled for a bit with that always present homeschool mom "guilt" over areas where my kids didn't do as well. But all in all, I'm once again thankful for the opportunity and privilege to educate our children at home.

Feel free to share some of the highlights of your school year!


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