Remembering to Pray

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We stop for prayer every morning at 8:30 here at Sonlight. It's a great way to remember to pray. And it's a huge privilege to be able to play a small role in your life when I get to pray for your specific needs.

But too often the longer-term, consistent needs slip my mind. At lunch today, I was reminded of a good reminder I should remember.

We were celebrating a family moving overseas to be missionaries. They had some magnets with their picture which they were handing out as a reminder to pray.

"The proper form of indulgences," one of guys quipped, "is that as you open your refrigerator and notice this magnet you pray for them before you indulge."

My memory scanned my own refrigerator. Photos of friends and family. Papers of important events and tasks. Reminders of needs and blessings. And how often have I let these physical emblems pass by unnoticed?

So, I'm going to take the indulgence challenge. I'm going to be purposeful about praying for the people represented on my refrigerator.

What have you found helps you remember to pray for others?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. se7en

    Hay there... We used to pray our way through our birthday calendar until I realized we were only praying for the people we loved!!! Now we pray through our contact list on my phone... all our friends and all the people we ever need to phone!!! Many non-Christians get prayed for not to mention many people that we wouldn't dream of praying for if we didn't have a system. You know the pharmacist, the librarian, the friend of a friend of a friend... Everyone gets a turn to pray for someone round the breakfast table and then the next phone contact on the list.

  2. mom

    What a neat testimony to hear that Sonlight stops to pray every day at 8:30 AM! It speaks highly of the ministry you are involved in, Luke.

    We have a basket that all our Christmas cards get thrown into which we pray through all year, but I've been tossing other things that come in the mail or newspaper clippings or someone's business card or whatever the Lord puts across my path. I want my kids to be in the habit of prayer as they witness God working through our prayers.

    Tammy ~@~

  3. Kris

    When I buy something from China I pray for the people who made it.

  4. Luke

    Those are great ideas, friends! Thanks for sharing <smile>.


  5. Angela

    Usually it's emails, blogs or forum posts that give me a reminder. I really like the fridge idea and need to start doing that.

    By the way, one of the things that has impressed me about Sonlight is that you pray for your customers.

  6. Luke

    Thanks, Angela. I know I am reminded to pray for things when people post on their blogs as well.