Remembering to Pray

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We stop for prayer every morning at 8:30 here at Sonlight. It's a great way to remember to pray. And it's a huge privilege to be able to play a small role in your life when I get to pray for your specific needs.

But too often the longer-term, consistent needs slip my mind. At lunch today, I was reminded of a good reminder I should remember.

We were celebrating a family moving overseas to be missionaries. They had some magnets with their picture which they were handing out as a reminder to pray.

"The proper form of indulgences," one of guys quipped, "is that as you open your refrigerator and notice this magnet you pray for them before you indulge."

My memory scanned my own refrigerator. Photos of friends and family. Papers of important events and tasks. Reminders of needs and blessings. And how often have I let these physical emblems pass by unnoticed?

So, I'm going to take the indulgence challenge. I'm going to be purposeful about praying for the people represented on my refrigerator.

What have you found helps you remember to pray for others?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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