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Yesterday I mentioned that sometimes it's better to just go with what's good enough. Not everything needs to be polished. That was because, yesterday, we shot a short little video. We wanted to share some Catalog news. We didn't need a full-blown production.

New Core Tips

Today, I'm flipping to the other side.

Over the weekend I was able to watch a 50 minute documentary about a company I respect. Blizzard Entertainment releases things when they feel they are ready. And not a decade before.

Granted, Blizzard doesn't hold to an April release every year. <smile>

Sonlight is committed to getting you the latest and greatest each April. Some of our updates, unfortunately, take longer to implement. So, sometimes products are released in April, but not available right away. That's because sometimes you have refine something before you release it. It needs to work. It needs to wow.*

Here's the deal: We are scrambling to get something up and running--let alone, refined--for April 4. It needs to be ready. It needs to work. And when we get it refined, I believe it's going to wow:

Find Your Program

But we're less than three weeks away.

We could really use your prayers. We need wisdom to know how to make things clearest for you and then translate that into code, images and text. We need speed and clarity to solve the problems we continue to discover. Thank you for being part of the Sonlight family. I appreciate your prayers.

While we continue to build and refine, if you have any questions between now and April 4, please chat with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor. Refined technology is great. But nothing beats one-on-one personal assistance.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*Pun only slightly intentional.

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