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Maybe you're not all that excited. But there are couple people out in cyberspace who are pretty pumped about this year's Catalog.

I'm one of them.

Of course, my excitement is a little dampened by the fact that April 4 is fast approaching. Not fast enough for some. But for those of us scrambling to get everything on the website done in time, it's coming on like a jet-propelled steam engine. Why a steam engine would need jet-propulsion isn't really the issue here. The fact is: Time is flying by.

If you're dying to get your hands on the latest and greatest from Sonlight, I can't do too much to help. But, I do have one suggestion that may help the time go faster:

Help a new homeschool mom discover the joy of Sonlight.

It's no secret that Sonlight has always relied on you talking to others about the curriculum you love. That's why we created the Sonlight Rewards Program. We're not trying to incentivize sharing. We wanted to say thank you for doing so. So, as you share the your love of learning with a new Sonlighter, don't forget to give them the benefit of your Rewards ID. And, since this is all about sharing the love, I think your friend would be thrilled to help you via the Rewards Program too.

As you look to purchase your next Sonlight homeschool program, will you be using your Rewards Points? How has the Rewards Program been for you?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Dawn @ Two-Handed Mommy

    I've got a bunch of points waiting for my order for this year!

  2. Luke

    Glad to hear the Rewards Program has been so ...rewarding... for you, Dawn <smile>.


  3. Ann

    When I placed my most recent order for some "little" things, I had no idea my most recent referral had actually ordered anything. As I was checking out, I discovered I had nearly $18! There are many times when that amount would just be an "every little bit helps" figure, but not this time. There was a planning help item I'd been wanting to get for myself from another source, but I'd maxed out my budget on the SL order. That $18's worth of points let me order my other item.

  4. Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family

    I just received my first points a week ago, and I'm excitedly planning how to use them!

  5. Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life

    I have yet to earn points- but that is okay...
    Sonlight is worth every penny in my eyes, full retail or not!

    {But, I wouldn't turn down the points... ;) }

  6. Luke

    Good stuff. I'd really like the Rewards Program to take off so you and your friends can benefit!


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