Redemption and Irony

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Many mommy bloggers have pointed out that yesterday was Reformation Day. How incredibly like God, then, to have me sitting at a Halloween party chatting with a girl about ... Lutherans.

Her handmade costume looked fantastic. Her laughter and her tears jumbled together as we discussed Scripture, grace, Christ's fulfillment of the Law, commands, demands, Christian fellowship, unity, love, forgiveness, pride, the Gospel, and boys.

Later, the remnants of snacks still scattered throughout the kitchen, I paused for a moment in my dark living room before going to bed. A smile played on my lips as the irony sank in: God had redeemed my Halloween. And had it not been for our party, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have that conversation; or the one about Scriptural interpretation; or the one where we discussed various views of Creation; or the one about marriage and family; or that bit where we chatted about education. The night had been full of moments where the irony of redemption flickered in the background, like the LED light illuminating the pumpkin on the front step. As I shuffled off to bed, exhausted and joyful, my mind lingered a moment more on Andrea's Halloween post.

"Thank you, God, for redemption."

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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