Purple Dinosaurs and Black Dragons

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My niece, I am told, likes Barney.

Why? Because everyone in the show is nice, sings songs and dances. There's no bad guy. There's no real conflict. And he's purple.

I hadn't really thought about that until my sister mentioned it yesterday. That's probably why so many of the books in Sonlight's toddler curriculum don't have much conflict. Even Harold's purple dragon can be a bit frightening...

Purple Dragon (Harold is a much better artist than I am)

After my niece went to bed, my family stayed up and watched How to Train Your Dragon. My parents and sister hadn't seen it yet. They liked it. The film would have been too much for the little one, but it was fantastic for us--black dragon and all.

You know what your children can handle and what they aren't ready for yet. And armed with that knowledge, your family can tackle some pretty heavy stuff at the right time.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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