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its national punctuation day today and so im refusing to punctuate this first bit

in fact if u think about the # of truncated wrds & phrases ppl use 2 talk about stuff im not sure punctuation is rlly all that important in the long run right up there with ee cummings and whatnot bc ppl can still read this kind of writing and r getting better at it every day txting their peeps


Is proper punctuation important? Absolutely. But not because people can't read without it, but because punctuation makes it easier to read. These little marks indicate emotion, inflection, breaths, asides, voices, pauses, and breaks (among other things).

Much like spelling.

Msot tpyos do not elimunate teh legabilaty of a sentance. But they certainly cold.

Similarly, the difference between a question mark and an exclamation point must not be overlooked, as I will demonstrate with this Colorado appropriate example:

Go Broncos!
Go Broncos?
Go Broncos!?!!

So, for today, encourage your kids--whether they are IMing, texting, twittering, or otherwise--to plz try 2 typo right today. ...and then do it again tomorrow.

And I've only eluded to grammer. <smile>

and Greg

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

As much as it pains me to include so many mangled elements of the English language in this post, they are all intentional. And hopefully funny as well.

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  1. Ganeida

    Bad punctuation is, I think, sheer laziness. Learn to do it right then do it right the first time. The shortcutting is more fun though & I remind myself living languages are subject to change. Dead lannguages don't. I wish there was a happy compromise because grammar & Ditz part company.

  2. SmallWorld at Home

    Fabulous! And thanks for the link on my grammar post. Love it!

  3. Luke

    I agree: Lack of punctuation (and capitalization) is sheer laziness.

    And I'm so glad you enjoyed the link, Smallworld. I'm a rather big fan of Homestarrunner. ...for those of you confused, I left a comment with a link on this post.