PSA: Time Out!

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I love the little voice at the beginning of DC Talk's "Time Is..." that says, "Time out!"

Cracks me up.

It also brings me back to the days when I was homeschooling, hanging out with friends, going to Awana and the like. I actually purchased the audio cassette tape of Free At Last with the "Talents"--Awana money--I'd earned by memorizing Scripture. First big purchase of my life.

Speaking of purchasing and time running out:

Tomorrow, June 30 is the last day of this catalog year to get in on the 6-month Time Payment option.

It's also the last day to take advantage of our price lock. While the curriculum package prices will remain the same, individual items will now adjust with the market as publishing houses raise their rates.

Just letting you know.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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