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Once every nine years or so your best friend calls you up and says, "Want to go on a road trip for a week?"

As you may recall, I don't like taking vacations. But the chance to a spend some time on serious "bromance" rekindling was too good to pass up. Ever since Jason got married and moved out of my house, I don't see him as much (strange). So, I'm doing it. I'm joining him for a 2,000+ mile drive across some beautiful -- and some boring -- parts of the country.


That means I won't be here. Instead, Autoblot™ will be taking care of you for much of next week. As a reminder: Autoblot™ is really cool, but he is limited.

Homeschooling gives you a tremendous amount of freedom -- much like racking up a ton of vacation time at a job. You can take off a week here and there to go on a road trip or vacation or spend time with a family member who is sick or take advantage of a great learning opportunity or simply adjust your schedule to meet your family's needs. This freedom allows you to bless your children and enhance their life-long pursuit of learning and build friendships that last a lifetime.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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