Observable Science

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My house suddenly went dark. The flash of a lightning strike was immediately followed by thunder. The lights returned to normal.

"Did that lightning strike just absorb the power going to our house?" I asked no one in particular.

I don't have a better explanation, but I haven't verified that such a thing is possible.

With all the exciting weather we've been having, Science is coming to life. Sonlight Science offers hundreds of hands-on activities for you and your children to do together. You also get a Science Supply Kit which provides the hard-to-find materials you may not have lying around. Throw in a Discover & Do DVD which walks you through each activity, and you're set.

Rainy Days

As much fun as all that is, there's nothing quite like nature shaking things up. Doing science activities is great for retention. But experiencing the natural world can inspire awe and kindle the desire to learn more; the quest to find out why your house went dark right before a lightning strike, for instance.

Lightning at 9000 Frames per Second

I know it's summer, but life-long learning encourages us to discover things even while on vacation. Any natural phenomena inspiring you lately?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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