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I shared earlier this week that two changes were coming to the Sonlight website. And they are now live!

The first is that I've dramatically improved our IG Links page. Granted, I haven't had a chance to update all the links for this year's IGs yet, but the interface is way faster and cleaner.

And that's exciting.

The second change is that you can now do your returns online! In the past, you had to fill out forms and print them off and include them with your box when you sent it back to us.

No more!

The returns are now integrated with your account so you can do all the "paperwork" online and then simply send the items that aren't perfect for your family back.

There's one more super exciting change that I've been working on this week that I'll be sure to tell you about the moment it's up. Here's a little hint to let you mull over for the weekend: Mrs. C mentioned it ...I think <smile>.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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