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The sprite passed through the wall of the castle. Perplexed, the boy looked back at his code.

By pressing the up arrow, the 16-year-old was adding one to the y-axis of the coordinate plane. He had hoped that he could attach a -1 to the castle wall so his character wouldn't walk straight through the solid stonework.

Character Stuck in Wall

That had failed.

Frustrated, the boy gave up for the day. Perhaps it was time to abandon this silly computer game coding thing and start making movies again...

All those many years ago, Luke didn't have access to a homeschool computer programming course that could teach him how to make games. Instead, he was trying to make code up as he went. And that didn't work so well. Today, your students can use Homeschool Programming to learn how to create applications and games. More than that, the internet is full of helpful how-tos and tutorials if something specific stumps them.

Have your children expressed an interest in learning how to code and create computer games and/or apps? Check out the KidCoder™ and TeenCoder™ Homeschool Programming packages now available from Sonlight!

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