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My second Heart of the Matter Online article has been posted: Do Hard Things: Keep Quiet.

Please give it a little read and I would love to hear your thoughts afterward.

I've been busy today--'course, I'm busy every day <smile>--but I do want to write about "Internet Attribution" sometime, so I'll plan to write about that tomorrow.

Shameless plug again: Go read my latest article!

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Wendy

    Interesting point, Luke. I think you hit the bull's eye. It's sad that we have to be reminded often that it's not all about us.

    I posted something similar today on the Sonlight forums, but I don't anticipate it getting much response. I feel Christian homeschoolers should do more to build bridges with the public school world. I'm in a small rural town and it's not wise in many ways to add to the tension between homeschoolers & public schoolers. We just need to be quiet, or when we do speak up we need to be full of grace and warmth.

    Great article :)

  2. Luke

    I loved your blog post today, and that is a great example of building bridges. Tim Downs' book "Finding Common Ground" dealt with this quite a bit.

    Thanks for the kind words and the "props." I appreciate them because--despite learning that it is not about me--I still love recognition and appreciation <smile>.