Never Trust Your Brain

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I try to keep an eye out for great blog topics throughout my day. The problem is that I will think of something and say to myself, "Self, that is a great idea you just had. Hold onto that for me." And then I go about my work.

When it comes time to blog, I turn to myself and ask, "What was that great idea I had earlier?"

And my self will answer, "Huh?"

That seriously just happened.

Thankfully I have a slew of Other Posts of Note to draw upon in time of need.

I came upon a great article about the current mortgage problems that points to an unlikely--or not, depending on your view--source: God.

Well, not really. More accurately: It's people's misuse of theology that has likely helped lead us to where we are today.

Lyn Hallewell

The article is really interesting. For instance, I had not heard that the "Prosperity Gospel" can actually lead people to start living a more fiscally responsible life. That definitely brings to mind the concept of the Lord working in mysterious ways.

But just as I need to learn not to trust my brain to remember important details, I'm finding I need to learn to let God deal with things His way. My brain just can't handle it.

I once heard a guy give his testimony saying that what convinced him that Christianity was true was a book about Bible Codes.


So even if God decides to use cracked pots like us, I feel like the above article should give us pause. We need to carefully watch our doctrine. But at the same time, I guess the other lesson I'm learning is that there is grace enough for people who don't quite "get it" either. the end, I'm just feeling a little torn in my brain: We must be careful, but God gives us grace anyway.

Wisdom, please.


~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Julie

    "cracked pots" not "crack-pots" right? LOL. Speaking of brains....

  2. Luke

    Julie, did you see the link? <smile> Yes, another pun. Unfortunately, I can't claim the brilliance of that one. Someone else beat me to it and even wrote a book with the title. Ah well. I can't always be the source of all things hilarious and brilliant. would be nice to be hilarious and brilliant from time to time, however. <smile>


  3. Jennifer Sr.

    Boy you are the King of Links!! ;)

    And yes, I still find myself too befuddled to make a comment about Christian fads(an older post). I didn't forget about it. I think I need to hear more to really understand what you are trying to articulate about Christian fads.

    For example, my boys play Guitar Hero(the video game), but I wouldn't necessarily let them buy all the merchandise that goes w/ it if it was violent or whatever.

    Now if I saw a shirt that was a parody of it that said "God is my Hero" I might be interested in buying it if I thought my boys would like it.

    Let's be honest, that Christian shirt is probably $20, so really I wouldn't buy it, but just point it out to the kids and we would all admire it.

    And being honest again--once we had a barbeque after church. My oldest son and the pastor played Guitar Hero together. A little ditty called "Shout at the Devil". ;)

    I have to admit that the uptight Christian inside me winced... just a little bit.

    I still wonder what is being all things to all men and what is being set apart, and finding the balance.

  4. Luke

    Jennifer: wonderfully said.

    I think you're pointing to another area where my excitability leads to a dualistic opinion on my end. Because I agree: there have been times in my life where a "God is my Hero" shirt would make me smile... and parodies and puns tend to make me smile. But the knockoffs make me wince.

    How is that possible? How do I distinguish between the two? Where is the balance?

    I'm not sure.

    I guess I tend to try to judge the heart behind things: Is it a parody or is it just an attempt at repacking pop culture in a Jesus wrapper?

    But I completely agree with you: I'm still trying to strike the balance between "set apart" and "all things" as well. My black and white personality struggles with these greys. May God grant us grace and wisdom as we follow Him.