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I often wake up with the realization that I was just in REM and dreaming. I've become used to the sudden shift from dreams to reality, and it doesn't bother me much--except I'm usually rather groggy because of the interrupted cycle.

I'm sure this is super fascinating to you all.

Point being: I don't tend to remember my dreams much, but when I woke up this morning it was so good I just had to share it:

My crazy dream--that involved getting lost in the wilderness, trespassing, the characters from Lost, a large cathedral, and a flying boat--culminated in everyone turning into Veggie Tales characters and singing a nice upbeat closing song reminiscent of "Following the Leader" ...the last line of which was:

......we always should have known:
There are always more flight paths
Than roads could ever go.

A bit too much WoW? Perhaps.

But it is true: You can go far more places flying around than you can following a path. ...which is the popularity of flying mounts. <cough ahem>

I don't have time to discuss dreams much more today, but Jess has an interesting discussion about the topic on her blog.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll see you all on Monday!

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

If you can handle a mild profanity, I found this particular xkcd comic applicable. If you'd rather avoid profanities, please don't click on the link. Thanks!

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  1. katemcdonald

    Don't you just love dreams??? My husband and I had to quit watching Lost late at night because we both were dreaming about it on a regular basis... my husband is a musician and gone alot so we rarely watch TV when its on..we are the kind that buy and watch the whole season in a week...we did that and we were so into Lost, I was afraid we might start praying about it if we didn't slow down!

  2. deb

    Ah, WoW the game that has partially stolen my life.LOL My hubby and I have two computers and we play this game together on weekends. We are such geeks.

    My dreams never make sense. They are all disjointed and crazy.

  3. Luke

    Kate, we're now working through Season 2 of Lost. I don't watch TV, but I gladly burn through a season of, say, Heroes with my brother when he is home from college for the summer. A season in a week? Yep. Been there, done that. <smile>

    Deb, my wife is actually a bigger gamer than I am. If you popped by our house, you find us at our computers. We live there <smile>. Always happy to know more geeks.