Bob's Your Uncle

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I don't have an Uncle Bob.

Though I do have an Uncle Scott, Pete, Dave, Ken, and Martin, so "Bob" would fit right in. And really, this post has nothing to do with uncles or extended relatives at all, so I'm going to drop the topic entirely. But we will come back to the idea of "Bob" in a moment. But first...

I ran across a very interesting post by Christine on Welcome to My that fits in nicely--at least, in my mind--with yesterday's post. Give it a little read and watch the embeded video. Or don't, if you're sick of the topic... no skin off my nose. Though I found it interesting... the video and post, not the skin on my nose.

Okay, on with this post.

If you have never been introduced to Weird Al Yankovic, allow me to do so: Readers, meet Al. Al, meet my readers.

Not only is Weird Al incredibly funny, cleaver, and talented, but he's also educational. Ever wished there was a way to get kids interested in Bob Dylan and Palindromes at the same time? That's what I thought. Thankfully, Weird Al has made a song just for you:


Learn stuff and have fun doing so--the epitome of education. Find something you enjoy and imparts knowledge in a way that is practical and beneficial, and Bob's your uncle.

Oh, speaking of finding such things (fun, knowledge imparting, practical and beneficial), Sonlight has recently added a sweet new feature to your online shopping experience: a Wish List! Go ahead, check it out.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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