Name Dropping

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This post isn't really about name dropping as much as it is about "title dropping"--which isn't an official term.

Hence the title.

Just like it's lame to say, "Well, I was talking to Luke Holzmann the other day and he said..." to try to impress your friends that you've been to a blog as famous as this one <cough> ... so is it uncool to drop titles: "These people are nuts. They also homeschool."

But such is the way of the media. Just give this little article a read.


It's right up there with: Homeschooled child dies at home! Homeschooled child is awkward! Homeschoolers are terrorists! Homeschooled child raised by wolves only to meet attractive girl from city, abandons family in favor of others of his kind!


It's annoying.

Of course, the media do a lot of name dropping as well. So this isn't very surprising. In fact, just last week, I was talking with Chuck Norris about this very subject...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. If you feel up to it: Help boremetotears win an iPod Touch. I agree: It would be funny. And the video he links to is quite well done. I was impressed.

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