"Mommy, this is the Best Day EVER!"

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Need I say more? :)

When the FedEx man arrived with our first shipment of Sonlight books, I'm sure he was taken aback by my two eager helpers. Liam grabbed the 4 lb box and ran it to the school room. Emily immediately went for the other box, which unfortunately weighed 55 lbs!

Emily pushing a large Sonlight box

Undeterred, the two of them insisted on pushing it from the doorstep to the floor of the schoolroom all by themselves, then danced with glee until I got the boxes open. Liam was especially impressed that the boxes could be recycled until he saw the castle print inside; then he begged me to keep them! Not only were the boxes cool to play in, but they had awesome books and maps inside!

My son was just beside himself over the science books, asking me over and over again if they were his and if he could keep them in his room!

And my daughter was so excited with her new Bible that she sat down to read it immediately.

To see more of our first box day pictures, feel free to look around the gallery.

Thanks for letting us share our story; we can't wait to start school!

Amy S. of Covington, GA

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