Missing the Forest for the Path

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"Oh no," I groan, but only loud enough so my wife knowns I'm upset.

I'm not really interested in disrupting the rest of the congregation.

It's a Sunday morning and the worship team has just started an incredibly lame song. In fact, it's a song that makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't think the theology is very sound. In fact, it may be bordering on heresy. And I'm not a big fan of heresy.

Another song begins. Another loser. 'No wonder people hate church,' I think to myself. 'This song is horrible. So much of our worship music is just so lame.'

And then I see this video where p*rnographer Ron Jeremy talks about how much he enjoys worship music.


He says, over and over again, that the difference is posture. Christian songs make you smile, lift your face. Contrast that with rock and roll type things where people are scowling and banging their heads while staring at the ground. But worship music, you can't help but smile, he repeats.

How did I miss that? How have I walked this path for over two decades and never noticed that distinction? And why do I find myself scowling and staring at the floor so often?

I still believe that songs should have good theology and focus more on God than us. ...but my bad attitude certainly isn't honoring God. Far better would be to take my complaints to those who can do something about it. Far better to seek to make things better than to just complain. Far better to stop wandering down my path for a moment and notice the trees.

For all the rotting bark and dead leaves, the light sprinkling through the foliage is beautiful.

Sunlight through Trees

I appreciate Craig Gross' take on who it is that Jesus loves (the linked article is where I bumped into Ron Jeremy's video clip). Craig talks a little about looking outside our Christian group, and I think it's something to think about.

Hat Tip

I wonder: What do we, as members of a group, miss that strangers to our midst see and enjoy? I often think, rather bitterly, about all the things the people not on the homeschool path must think of us. I rarely--okay, never--think about what joys and beauties they may notice that I've overlooked.

Has anyone noticed something about your home education that you hadn't seen before?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*I'm bleeping this word for the family filters.

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