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The keyboard clicks in complaint as I tab through the fields on the form. I'm re-entering the same information yet again. The complaints in my mind are even louder than the clicking keys. This is tedious work.

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Riffling through my memory, the creative side of my brain attempts to retain composure. In desperation, it pulls at something connected to dull work. I get the vague impression of someone shoveling dirt back and forth across a field.

I wasn't able to find it mentioned online, but I've heard of a study where they paid people a significant amount of money to move dirt back and forth across a field by hand. The study found that people quit after only a few weeks. Money is not a significant enough motivation to work. We need what we do to matter.

Still in the mindless grind of copy and paste, I remembered a recent Sonlight® Moment. Go ahead, read it yourself. It's a good reminder that homeschooling is such meaningful work that the benefits are Priceless.

And, honestly, the work I've been doing today is very meaningful as well. It just also happened to be tedious. Don't let your mind complain so loudly that the daily grid of life drowns out the reminders of the meaningful work you do.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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