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My good friend Mike came up to me this morning and asked, "What would a master of the blogosphere write about on a morning such as this?"

Not being a master of the blogosphere, I merely shrugged.

Truth be told, having gone to bed early I was unaware of which aspect of history was made last night. After getting the low down from Mike, a few clever--but ultimately unpostable--titles sprung to mind. I almost kept them to myself.


Because I'm like that.

In other news, my latest Heart of the Matter article is up.

And speaking of Heart of the Matter, they are starting a cool, weekly live talk thingy called Heartbeat Live. It's free and you just have to register once to attend every week.

Sweet, huh?

Yeah. So, go Sign Up Now. It looks like they're going to pull from their virtual conference talent pool again and are on the lookout for new blood.

I'm currently trying to convince my mom to speak there in the near future.

...which, by the by, if you haven't read her most recent post, I strongly suggest you do--it's a good one.

So what would a master of the blogosphere write about today?

I still don't know, but I'm guessing such a man would include lots of links to stuff and ramble a bit. And then, to finish it off, he'd probably include his name and title...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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