Make Friends and Influence People

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Remember Marie? Of course you do!

Well, we're hanging out with her again tonight. Which is super cool. We also have movie night every Saturday (so if you're ever in the Denver area on a Saturday night, let me know). Of course, Marie doesn't come to that, but others do. And that's nice.

In fact, we have people over frequently. And that's nice too.

My hope is that everyone who comes through our house feels welcome, loved and at peace. And overall, I think that's mostly the case. Our house is not a museum. Far from it. Instead, we've got the "lived-in feel." I'm guessing that feeling will become even more present once the kids get here. But even then, I want people who come by to feel loved and important to us ...even if our laundry is still piled on the couch <smile>.

I think it's much easier to influence people--in a "blessing" sense, not a "manipulate: these-aren't-the-droids-you're-looking-for" sense--if they are your friends. Enemies don't tend to like what you have to say, and those who don't know you exist don't care much. Friends make for much better conversation and sharpening.

So, I'm going home to hang out with some friends. Have you had the opportunity to do that lately? Homeschooling sure does give you the flexibility to do that.

...which is nice.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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