Love 'em Both

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I love to read glowing responses to Sonlight. I try to include them in the "Other Posts of Note" section. And that makes sense: I'm a Sonlight blogger, a Sonlight kid, and soon to be--I hope--a Sonlight dad.

But I love the negative posts about Sonlight too.

Well, I don't really love them. In fact, it's hard to hear someone berate the company or one of the products. But I love what I get to do. My job, which I really enjoy, is to chat with those disgruntled folks and find out what went wrong, what they didn't like, and do what I can to make the situation right or, at least, better. I get to help people, and I love helping people.

Granted, if you look back through the history of "Other Posts of Note"--and you should because there is some great stuff there--you won't find me linking to the person who complained about the quality of the binding on one of the Sonlight titles. I don't instantly share that someone says our materials are evil. I don't include the post where the person complained about our shoddy offerings in this or that subject.

But I do, from time to time, post the followup.

I don't want to link you to a post where someone has merely complained. I am, however, thrilled when I am able to link to a post where people have complained, I have been able to address their concerns--in however minimal a way--and they feel that they have at least been heard and supported. In fact, in many cases, their issue remains, but I have, hopefully, been able to take their feedback to improve Sonlight and encouraged them to continue on in the homeschooling journey (even if it isn't with Sonlight).

I love those kinds of posts.

And I got to thinking about it today because I had one of both kinds--included with the "Other Posts of Note" <smile>:

Mary Grace's positive and Suji's negative ...okay, it's really a rave review of how great I am <cough cough>. You think I'd link to someone calling me names? <grin>

I write about Sonlight's desire to help homeschooling families often, but that's because I think it is so important--and so much a part of who I am and what I do. I know that Sonlight isn't perfect, and so I welcome feedback on how we can make it better. And I'm glad that people are happy with me when I do.

It's one of the great perks of the job.

I just wish I didn't have so many typos. I even proofread most of my comments! <grr>

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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