Little hands, big boxes, huge eyes

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The boxes arrived at our door and our 5 year old (Alissa) was ready. My wife and son dragged them into the kitchen until I got home. When I opened the boxes to inventory everything, Alissa was all over everything. It was like swatting flies. A few times from the right, a few more from the left, over and under. She practically fell in the box. The whole time she was saying, "Those are my books. I can't wait to read that one. I always wanted to read that. I never saw that before but I want to read it."

It was like Christmas in June and she made it very hard to complete the inventory but it was so much fun watching her enjoy books she hadn't even opened yet. Dominoes, dice, flash cards. She grabbed at every new thing she saw and wanted to start right then. I just hope we can keep up with her when we really start the program.


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