Lessons from the Set

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Prior to shooting we had spent a considerable amount of time preparing. All of that work culminated in a 71 page document. Each page had a separate scene on it so we could quickly reschedule or remove something if it wasn't working for us. This proved to be a huge time saver and made the project possible.

We had thought things through before hand so all that remained was the doing.

That is precisely what Sonlight does for you.

Every single Instructor's Guide is just like the document I created for shooting: It's a flexible schedule, notes, resource, and guide for your entire school year. Something not working for you? No problem. Move on. Got through that book faster than you expected? Great! Here's what you can do next. Want to only school four days a week instead of five? Easy, just turn the page...

Sonlight's IGs do the work for you so you get to the fun part of reading and learning with your kids.

And me? I got to spend a few days with Kelly and Judy. These ladies are two of our fantastic bunch of Sonlight Consultants: Sonlight veterans who are there to help you at your local conventions.

Kelly and Judy

Could we have completed the project without all that prep-work?


At least, not in the time we had. It was much nicer to invest in the work before we started.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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