Winners of the 2019 Sonlight Catalog Cover Contest

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2019 Sonlight Catalog Cover Contest Winners Announced

One of the things that we love about our catalog is that we get to feature real photos—and stories—of our customers. Thank you to all of the families who shared #sonlightstories for the 2019 catalog cover contest! And congratulations to the three winners featured below!

WINNER: E. Family of Murrieta, CA

2019 Sonlight Catalog Cover Contest Winner • E. Family of  Murrieta, CA

In this picture, Kadence (12), Carter (10), Reagan (7) and Marcus (5) spend time outside re-reading some of their favorite Sonlight books.

Reading time becomes a family affair every day. Sometimes an older kid will read aloud to the others, sometimes they each read their own book.  But they all end up laughing at the funny parts and sharing what is happening in each of their books. After 5 years of using Sonlight, I love how close my kids are to each other from reading and learning together every day. My kids don't think reading is 'school' because they enjoy it so much. They even go back through and re-read many of the Sonlight books we read together the past year.”

Erica E. of Murrieta, CA

WINNER: H. Family of Bridgeport, WV

2019 Sonlight Catalog Cover Contest Winner •  H. Family of Bridgeport, WV

In this picture, Seth (14), Hadley (12), and Ruthie (10) enjoy Sonlight books on our favorite swing outside.

“Our Sonlight journey began many years ago because opposite work and school schedules tore our family into pieces. Sonlight gave me the tools and confidence to try homeschooling and rejoin the two pieces of our family. Eight years later it has done so much more than allow our whole family time together. Homeschooling with Sonlight has taught us so many wonderful life lessons and broadened our horizons and point of view so much farther than our small West Virginian town. We know about true heroes who have overcome many obstacles and yet still succeeded. We have an amazing amount of Bible knowledge and memorization that has helped turn my babies into the fine young men and women they are today. Thank you Sonlight for being there to guide me step-by-step, and thank you for choosing meaningful stories that have molded my children into who they are today.”

Allison H. of Bridgeport, WV

WINNER: C. Family of Hampton, UK

2019 Sonlight Catalog Cover Contest Winner • C. Family of Hampton, UK

In this photo, Liya (11), Joshua (3), and Zara (7), enjoy the school day in the beautiful surroundings of the rose gardens in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London.

“We love Sonlight’s literature-rich curriculum because the stories get our kids thinking about different people and places all over the world and the included discussion points are great for character building,” says Elisa C of Hampton, UK. “I also love that as a busy work at home mum, lesson plans are all taken care of. I can just enjoy learning alongside my kids without the stress of planning what to teach next. Having great books to read is without doubt one of the reasons my kids absolutely love reading. My eldest daughter always reads her readers for the year during the summer break or as soon as our Sonlight box arrives so that by the time we start school in September she’s going through them a second time!

And her bookish example has definitely rubbed off on her younger siblings. Zara doesn’t go anywhere without a book and Joshua insists on having several books read every bedtime or he just won’t sleep! We’re so grateful to have found Sonlight because we couldn’t imagine homeschooling without it!”

Elisa C. of Hampton, UK

Share Your #sonlightstories Year-Round

Thanks again for making this year's contest a success. Keep sharing your #sonlightstories year-round! We love your Box Day photos, your day to day experiences, and the end-of-the-year #sonlightstack shots of all you've accomplished.

Thank you for sharing your Sonlight Stories with #sonlightstories
Use the #sonlightstories hashtag when you share on social media.

You can also log into your account on anytime to upload both images and testimonials. You never know when something you submitted may appear in a catalog, on our homepage, or on the Sonlight blog.

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