Jumping the Gun

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I only false started once in my swimming career.

I didn't actually dive into the water. In fact, I didn't even start. I got into the ready position and... in the moments before the gun went off... twitched.

It was sad times.

On a much less unhappy note, I recently got the latest newsletter from Mission India. I was surprised to see the following:

Mission India: Sonlight Rice Bag Project

They're ready to go. And while this is definitely jumping the gun--seeing as we're months away from launching our next Giving Opportunity--I can't let Mission India be that far ahead of me. I'm Sonlight's blogger, for cryin' out loud!


So, while there is very little information as of yet, if you're interested, please swing by the site to learn more about Sonlight's Giving Opportunities.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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