Introducing: Gretel™

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Breadcrumbs. They are all over the internet. Like the story that made them famous, websites often give you a little trail by which you can retrace your steps. For the rest of the weekend, Sonlight's breadcrumb tool lets you see where you've been. ...sort of.

Let's say you're interested in watching the sample videos for MathTacular one more time. So you go to the website, click on Subjects->Math and then go to the MathTacular page. Just above the page's title, you see:

Home >> Subjects >> Math >> MathTacular!

Great! You click on the first MathTacular. Now the breadcrumb is:

Home >> Subjects >> Resources >> Student Resources

You can't retrace your steps because the breadcrumb isn't doing its job.

With the launch of the new site on Monday, we're releasing Gretel™. She drops a breadcrumb in the top of your browser every time you visit a new page. You can quickly return to that page you were on three clicks ago. Gretel faithfully keeps track of where you have been on the site.


Cool, eh?

Just one of the site updates coming your way on Monday, April 4, 2011.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. littlehouseofpenguins

    Small typo, Luke. 2011, not 2001.

    I was assuming that this was going to be an April Fool's joke, given the date... but it sounds real? It'd be nice, though, as I've totally run into the problem shown above.

  2. Luke

    Thanks for the heads up, Penguins <smile>.


  3. Stephanie C

    I usually just open everything in a new tab. It'll be nice not to have to do that every time. :o)

  4. Luke

    Stephanie, I'm an avid tab user myself <smile>. But we are working to make things happen in fewer clicks.