Interested in free MathTacular stuff?

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Create an eligible video entry for the MathTacular Video Contest and you will receive a MathTacular DVD. Period. Let me say that again: Every eligible entry gets a DVD. You could also win much more (hint: iPad).

Why am I mentioning this on the Sonlight Blog?

  1. We like MathTacular® (both on Facebook and in the real world).
  2. I helped create MathTacular.
  3. You're likely to win something (the odds of winning are ridiculously high*).

Granted, I know coming up with a fun math video lesson can be hard work. So if free stuff and winning isn't enough to jump start your creative process, you can still buy MathTacular. On the other hand, creating a fun math video is also a blast. So, check out the MathTacular Video Contest. I'm excited to see your clips!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*It looks like you'd be the first entry. Those are really good odds.

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