I'm Famous!

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First: Melonie is a genius: We were on vacation in Hawaii--Maui, to be precise.


Congratulations, Melonie. You win!

...I have no prize other than that public accolade.

Now, on to business.

Show business, that is.

Yes, after months of waiting, I have finally become famous. That's right; for my efforts in the production of MathTacular, I am now an official Editor and Cinematographer. IMDb now recognizes my existence.

I have arrived.

I'll add images soon.

I must say, it is cool to have the projects I've been involved with out there on the interwebs. And considering IMDb is one of the major movie sites out there, I'm as tickled as pink pleased punch.

That's the big news for me today.

How's your life been?

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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