I'm Back from...

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Guess where.

Here are a select group of photos from my trip, deliberately sneaky and misleading <mischievous grin>.

The First Photo I Took

Pilgrim's Progress - It was cold.

Dave on Horseback


My Dad

The Fam

My Wife with Nephew - Petting a Mule.


Fun in the Rain

So, please post your guesses (and if you know from other sites, please refrain from "guessing" because... that's cheating and not guessing).

In other news: This post is short because I've got a lot of catching up to do and "miles to go before I sleep."

But while reading through the 1000+ posts I was behind, I glanced at my progress at one point this morning and saw:

The Mark of the Blog

I thought it was amusing. If you don't have a twisted sense of humor like me, I'm sorry. I mean no offense.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Mrs. C

    You got the kids!!! ?? Right??


  2. Brandi

    Hmmm...my guess is somewhere in South America? Okay...that's a little broad...Argentina? Brazil? Looks a littly rainforest-y to me! But I'm horrible at geography and I've only been out of the states once in 30 years! So, just ignore me if I'm way off...I'll be embarrassed anyway...

    Welcome home!

  3. mary grace

    I love your sense of humor!

    And I can't guess. But that's o.k. I enjoyed the pics anyhow.

  4. Melonie

    Funny, I was going to say you went on vacation in Hawaii. But then, I've been out of the loop a while. Hmmmmm. The helicopter is making me think volcano tour though. Call me crazy.

    And the blogger...well, that is both twistedly funny and more than mildly creepy. Our phone number in MS was 7-3666. Blech.

  5. secondofwett

    How about Ecuador?

  6. Dana

    Yeah! Glad to know I'm not the only one who opens her reader to find 1000+ items. But no guesses. Only a bit of empathy and a smile for evil Google.

  7. Lisa

    The mark of the blog - too funny! I'll guess Mexico or Southwestern US (Arizona or New Mexico)?

  8. Craig and Heather

    I was wondering about children as Mrs. C.

    Then, the livestock and the misty green "rain" photo caused me to think of South American and possibly Argentina.

    Both of my guesses have already been taken.

    So, I'll just throw out Peru for the sake of diversity.


  9. Luke

    Mrs. C, I wish. Sadly, no. If I had my kids I'd be posting pictures. Until they are "mine" however, I can't display information to the world. It's sad times.

    Brandi, interesting guesses. I'm terrible at geography as well. And while your guesses are a tad off, I purposely chose misleading images <Bwahahaha ha!>. No need for embarrassment.

    Mary Grace--dude, totally just typed Margy... glad I caught that--I'm glad you enjoy my humor and my photos. Sorry to say, your guess was way off <laughing>.

    Melonie, you're a genius, not crazy... even if you are surrounded by evil numbers <smile>.

    Secondofwett, another interesting guess. Thanks for jumping in and participating!

    Dana, I'm not surprised that most people don't have time to dig through hundreds of posts a day. I'm hoping that by reading a similar amount to you I will become as cleaver and informed <smile>.

    Lisa, another interesting guess. And I'm glad you found my odd-ball humor entertaining.

    Heather, I'm glad for more diversity in guesses. And I wish it were the kids. That would have been awesome. Sadly, no.

    Thank you all for participating/indulging me!


  10. 5intow

    wow, what a weird coincidence. I am right now sitting in a condo in Maui going, "I just did that! I was just at that tree and freezing at that "crater," too."

    Too bad I have also gotten to enjoy sketchy internet connection or else I would have won the "prize."

    Can't wait to see more pictures and hear about the trip.


  11. Monica

    Too funny!! Great pictures, though!

  12. Luke

    Erin, I'm sad we missed bumping into you <smile>. That would have been something... and I'm sorry you didn't win my fabulous prize <laughing>.

    Monica, glad you enjoyed it <smile>.

    I don't know if/when I'll be posting more pictures. We'll see. Perhaps a little video will be coming out.

    No promises though.